The AIRDOGE Mission:

AIRDOGE rewards its holders by researching, securing and using the treasury to airdrop free BSC gems. Our job is to search far and wide for the best tokens so you don't have to. All you have to do is buy and hold 100,000+ $AIRDOGE to earn the rewards. It's that simple!

Airdropped tokens will be rewarded proportionally to $AIRDOGE holders - so the more you hold the more you will be airdropped! (Minimum 100,000 $AIRDGOE held to qualify)

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Token contract: 0x95caebA7EACA627fAC331904a9068B6ca0Bc9B75

The AIRDOGE Mission:

The AIRDOGE mission is to allow holders to grow and diversify their wallets by just holding the token. Our aim is to generate value to holders by using the treasury to buy tokens from strategic partners at a discount and airdrop them to $AIRDOGE holders. We will always strive to ensure the community gets back more than what leaves the treasure. This will become easier and easier as the community grows and AIRDOGE becomes a good way for new projects to gain exposure.We are also planning on different ways to fund the treasury in the future with things such as NFTs, lottery, merch and more.

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Total supply:





122,500,000 (locked for a year)

Offer your clients the lowest rate in the market.



Offer your clients the lowest rate in the market.



Offer your clients the lowest rate in the market.

Team & Marketing:


Offer your clients the lowest rate in the market.

Past Airdrops

700,000,000 $CSTR


184,044,000 $LEPRACOIN




Future Airdrops

Dropping Soon

3nd Secret Stronk Airdrop

On It's Way

4rd Flare Airdrop

Soon ™️

5th Extreme Aidrop

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